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Hello, my name is Elia Martinez, I am a product designer and developer for LAgeek. We design fit, form, and functional products in many industries.

Our best-known product, the Percher® bird perch is a portable perch that allows a bird to perch and be trained. It is for sale at PetSmart and around the world.

Percher® Bird Perch

Derbyan Parakeet on the Percher
Percher Packaging Box
Percher purveyors include, PetSmart, Amazon, and many others.
Percher Components
The Percher® bird perch is made up of four component parts…
1. Perch, 2. Cone, 3. Handle, and 4. Base
The components lock together and allow 7 possible perch configurations, all in one product.
Percher Configurations
Percher _Psst It Caught My Poop

Coin Carousel™Collection System

An interest in numismatics led to the development of the Coin Carousel™ Collection System which extends and enhances the collection, storage, and the love of quarters.

The Coin Carousel™Collection System allows a new method of displaying, collecting, and storing The 50 State Quarters and America the Beautiful Quarters in a library system.

The creation, modification, and optimization of a design. GoTo

Coin Carousel_1999 State Quarters_Animation

Coin Carousel_Inserting an Arizona State Quarter
Coin Carousel_Dear Grandson_Grandma Hands

Hot Flash Balloon™

The Hot Flash Balloon is our latest product and offers hot flash relief for women who need to keep their “cool” during a hot flash.

The Hot Flash Balloon provides fast and effective hot flash relief in a flexible, reusable, and freezable cooling balloon.

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CAD (Computer-Aided Design)

Drawings using CAD design software

Coin Carousel_Jewel CaseCoin Carousel in Jewel Case Render
Coin Carousel_Top View_Line DrawingDesign & Utility Patent Drawing
Coin Carousels in a container with lidCoin Carousel Storage System Render

Logo Design

The Bird Trainer Logo
The Bird Trainer® Brand
Percher Logo
The Percher® Bird Perch
It's The Bird Logo
It’s The Bird!

Video Content Development

Concept Design

Coin Carousel_Concept Drawings_AnimationEvolution of a Product
Coin Carousel_George Character DesignCoin Carousel George Character Design
Percher Character Design Percher Character Design
Elia Martinez_Art Portfolio_Paintbrush
EliaArt PostcardsI am an artist who loves to learn.
EliaArt_Eiffel Tower 2Eiffel Tower2 – Pastel Painting
MotionMotion – Oil Painting


3D Printing Workshop3D Printing Workshops
3D CAD Systems_Presentation at Gangplank Avondale3D CAD Systems Meetups
The Art Of Machine Learning graphicThe Art of Machine Learning Brown Bag

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